10 Ways to Use Your SubSafe

SubSafes can go with you anywhere. They are designed to keep your sandwich dry, but that’s not all they’re great for! SubSafes have been used in very creative and useful ways. Ten of the best ways are below.

1. For your sub

This is the classic SubSafe use. It was designed to fit a 6” sub or a 12” sub perfectly. Your sub will stay dry and delicious.


2. Dry storage

SubSafe is 100% waterproof and crush-proof. It will protect your belongings from anything nature throws their way. Put anything inside that you want to keep safe, and trust SubSafe to do the rest.


3. As a bowl

How many times have you been out and needed a bowl in a pinch? Try using the lid of your SubSafe! It's the perfect size for a snack or anything else you need help keeping together. 


4. Cocktail shaker

SubSafe makes an ideal on-the-go cocktail shaker. Just pour in your favorite ingredients, twist it closed, and shake it up! 


5. Pup cup












Use the lid on your SubSafe to give your pup a drink and keep them hydrated! When you get home, put it in the dishwasher and it’ll be clean and ready for your next adventure.


6. Chips & dip

We’ve seen SubSafe used for chips and salsa, pretzels and hummus, even shrimp and cocktail sauce. Use the parts of your SubSafe for any delicious combo you crave.


7. Bottle of wine holder

SubSafe will hold an entire bottle of wine and keep it protected. If you want your bottle chilled, put the whole container in the cooler!


8. Salad bowl

Fill your SubSafe with your favorite salad toppings before you head out, and when you’re ready to eat, pour in some dressing and shake it up. Perfect salad guaranteed every time.


9. Travel container

SubSafe makes the perfect container for traveling because it is light-weight and durable. Fill yours with all your toiletries and pack it in your suit case!


10. As a cup

Need a cup on the go? Use your SubSafe. Twist the lid on and throw it in the cooler to keep your drink chilled.

    Do you use your SubSafe for something that’s not on this list? Send us a picture! We’d love to feature your idea on our social media.