6 Must-Haves for the Perfect Tailgate

Football season is back! We love tailgating and always pack 6 essentials to help us through the day. Follow the checklist below and your next tailgate is sure to be a success. 


1. Your SubSafe

Grab your favorite SubSafe and slap a team sticker on it! Use your SubSafe to keep your favorite snacks or drinks safe. You can also use it for dry storage for your phone, wallet, keys, etc. The crush-proof, waterproof SubSafe will hold up well against the inevitable full-speed football collision or the accidental beer spill.

Pro Tip: NFL/Collegiate licensed SubSafes coming soon


2. Your favorite "Pub Sub"

SubSafes fit pub subs perfectly. If you like to tailgate for several hours like us, a sandwich is essential for keeping you going. Stop by Publix on your way to the tailgate and pick up your favorite game-day sub. You won’t regret it!


3. ORCA cooler

No one likes warm beer or snacks. ORCA coolers will keep contents cold for up to 24 hours! Fill it with ice and you’ll be good to go all day long. We all know how refreshing an ice-cold water can be after being in the hot Florida sun.

Pro Tip: ORCA currently offers team customization!


4. Cold Islamorada Beer

This Florida Keys brewing company makes a beer that every tailgater is sure to enjoy. Some of our favorites are “Sandbar Sunday” and “Islamorada Ale”. Check for a location that sells Islamorada near you enjoy every last sip before heading into the game.


5. Koozie

Keep your beer icy cold and your hands comfortable. How many times have you forgotten a koozie and wished you hadn’t? Add it to your tailgate checklist now so you’ll never forget again.

Pro Tip: Keep one in your vehicle or purse at all times. They’re lightweight and come in handy more often than you’d think!


6. Bottle opener

Save yourself from the hassle of trying to find ways to open your bottles. No more wasting time and making a mess. SubSafe conveniently sells straps that include a bottle opener. We like to attach our keys to the strap too and clip it somewhere safe while we tailgate.