Oh the Places Your SubSafe Will Go

Because SubSafes are so versatile, there is no limit to the places you can bring them. Whether you’re using one as a 12-inch container, a 6-inch container, a SnackSafe, or one of the other combinations, they are very useful for day-to-day activities. We compiled a list of 10 places that are great to bring your SubSafe. If you bring yours somewhere that’s not on this list, tell us about it! Going on an adventure? Take your SubSafe along!

#1: The Boat

Because the SubSafe keeps contents completely dry, and it floats, the boat is an ideal place bring it. Even if the SubSafe goes overboard, it can be easily retrieved and everything inside will be #safe.


#2: The Beach

Say “no thanks” to sandy sandwiches, water logged phones, and scratched sunglasses. The beach is a great place to bring your SubSafe because it will keep everything unwanted, OUT.


#3: A Tailgate

Use your SubSafe in your cooler at a tailgate. After all, that’s what it’s meant for! Tailgate like a pro and your friends will be jealous of your cold, dry, and delicious sub. We also recommend using the SubSafe drinking lid accessory and drinking your favorite beverage out of your SubSafe. Hint: it holds up to 36 ounces which means fewer refills needed.


#4: Work

If you have fridge-access or extra room in your desk drawer, bring your SubSafe to work! SubSafe is an excellent alternative to single-use sandwich bags and other plastic containers that leak.


#5: School

Send a SubSafe to school! Use the 6-inch SubSafe or the SnackSafe in your child’s lunch box. The screw on pieces are easy to use, and hold the perfect amount of chips, fruit, etc. SubSafe products are dishwasher safe – making the clean-up easy every time.


#6: Camping

SubSafes are perfect for any outdoor adventure, but have you ever brought yours camping? Use one for food and another for dry storage. SubSafes are handy camping essentials, plus, they help minimize waste.


#7: Horseback Riding

Bring your SubSafe horseback riding. They are lightweight and make a perfect compartment for food or dry storage. Or, you can use a SubSafe drinking accessory and use your SubSafe as a large water bottle.


#8: An Airplane

Bring your SubSafe with you when you travel. The size variations allow you to fit any small items inside. Going through security can take a long time, however, that time can be shortened if you store your belongings in transparent containers. Plus, if you are traveling with any liquids, you can rest assured knowing that they won’t leak out onto any of your other belongings.


#9: An Amusement Park

Take your SubSafe along when visiting your favorite amusement park. Whether it’s used for sunscreen, sunglasses, or any other essentials, your SubSafe will come in handy all day long.


#10: On a Hike

Bringing your SubSafe to the top of a mountain with you is a decision you won’t regret.  It’s lighter than most alternatives and allows you to leave no trash behind.