SubSafe to Appear on Shark Tank 1/27/2019

Port Orange, FL locals Desiree & Adam Haller pitch their product, SubSafe, on Shark Tank on January 27th at 10pm EST on abc network. 

The couple launched SubSafe, a multi functional container for keeping food and valuables dry, February 26th of 2018. SubSafe is waterproof, crush-proof, and it floats. In October they added a new color and a custom strap with bottle opener and carabiner clip to their product line.

SubSafe is available in seafoam green, hot pink, and charcoal grey and it includes three different pieces to be used as either a 6" or 12" container for sub sandwiches. 

"The experience was surreal, to say the least. We filmed back in June, so we were a very new company. It was an experience we are so grateful for and we look forward to all that is in store." -Desiree Haller

"I was tired of returning from offshore fishing trips with half-eaten soggy subs. Once Desiree and I realized there wasn't a product on the market, we began the patent and manufacturing process." -Adam Haller 

SubSafe's mission is to end soggy bread, child hunger, and single-use plastic while providing a product people can count on to protect their food and valuables from water. 

SubSafe donates $.50 from every container sold to a local children's food charity called Provision Packs. Learn more 



SHARK TANK - "1009" - First into the Tank are entrepreneurs from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who introduce their innovative storm shelter/safe house design that can provide people safety in the comfort of their own home. An entrepreneur from White Plains, New York, presents her fresh baby food that trains babies to acquire a more sophisticated palette. Entrepreneurs from Port Orange, Florida, pitch their multi-use sandwich container product that keeps your sandwich safe, never soggy. Last into the Tank are entrepreneurs from New York, New York, and Venice, California, who pitch their space age solution for stinky feet, on "Shark Tank," SUNDAY, JAN. 27 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless)


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