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Excellent Product

So tired of soggy subs in cooler.
Saw Subsafe on Shark Tank and knew I had to have one. Was so impressed I purchased two more. Thank you for such an excellent product that saves the day!.

SnackSafe 3 Pack
Anthony Rainford

SnackSafe 3 Pack

Love it!

We did a test with some goldfish while out in our boat. We dropped the SnackSafe into the water. Then retrieved it and enjoyed our goldfish. We love it.

Love SubSafe!

I saw SubSafe on Shark Tank and when they mentioned that your cell phone would also fit in the cup... I realized it would be perfect to take with me when I go kayaking! No more double zip bags that don't work well. We never kayak without them!

I keep my phone and my keys in the cup and I purchased an extra top so my husband can take hi sphone with him as well.

Love them !! Waiting for the square sandwich container to come available!! Thanks

Even my husband loves it!

My husband always has an opinion on things I buy for us to use. He uses things hard and I need commercial strength stuff with him. These he loves!! He even complimented the containers. We love them! Thank you!! Great quality products!

Great product

This is my third order of the subsafe. I keep giving them away to friends because they are perfect for boating and mudding. They keep your stuff dry all day in the cooler or you can use it for your phone and keys. Great product.

Bad purchase

I still have not received the items I ordered nor any tracking information. I will not purchase from this company ever and I also think your customer service is lacking.

nearly 3 weeks and still waiting for delivery - and still no reply from customer service

I purchased the subsafe 2 plus weeks ago.... and have not received it. I emailed asking for an eta... and received no reply. I can't find a phone number to call. Very disappointing customer service.

Never received!

The product never shipped out!! No response from the company!

SubSafe Single Combo Pack (more color options)

SnackSafe 3 Pack
Linda King
Love the product

The snack containers are great. But I don’t understand why you don’t make a container sized to fit regular sandwich bread. Not everyone eats subs.

SnackSafe 3 Pack
Joe Jennings
Just the right size for the small things.

These have been great my wife brings lunch to work and they are perfect for fresh veggies and snacks. She was always worried that here old containers would leak (they did …). The SubSafe lids keep everything where it should be. I could see these being fantastic for those that have toddlers.

SnackSafe 3 Pack
John Gribble

I never got my order I'm not at all pleased with having to call and email several times and getting know help


I am disappointed it only keeps wine cold for three hours. I would have liked to see it better insulated

SubSafe Single Combo Pack (more color options)

SnackSafe 3 Pack
Julio Fabre

Love your products

Incredible! A must have for BYOB

I recently purchased a Winesafe and a macrame wine tote as a gift or my girlfriend and they are a huge hit. Not only will the Winesafe protect the bottle and keep it cool, the insulated jacket helps with temp control as well as rattling inside the Winesafe. It also came with a rubber cork top for the bottle in case you don't finish in one sitting. 10/10 across the the board, a must-have for boat days, picnics, or BYO restaurants.

Julio Fabre
I have not received my merchandise yet

Where is my merchandise
PayPal already payed you.
And no merchandise,

Fun to decorate with personalize stickers

Fun to decorate with personalized stickers. We always get our local sub shop to make us subs before we go boating. It’s always a challenge to have them not soggy or smashed by lunchtime, until we got the sub safe. Now you have to personalize them, so somebody doesn’t eat your sub!

SubSafe Cap Accessory - Use with large SubSafe piece

Coach K
Even better than my expectations

I enjoyed my sub safe containers for my salads and subs for our trip on the boat . It kept everything cold and most importantly dry while in the cooler. Thank you Sub Safe!!