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SubSafe™: 3 Piece Sub Sandwich Container (more color options)

Very good

I am a sandwich Buff, subsafe is a great invention

Very good

They are very well made, however I think if you put a loop on the covers so that you could hook them to the clip so that you would always have them with you.

great idea

love the idea and glad I got two. beside subs , looks like a good storage to keep chips.

Sub safe is superior

All the sandwiches are NOT SOGGY. We love a road trip and now I don’t have to bag, then put in a container, and make a deal with the devil for dry bread.

Great product

Its exactly what is expected

A must have

Unfortunately, the larger cap doesn’t fit on both pieces, so this small cap is a must have.

Bought these for my daughter in law whose a teacher. She loves the smaller size for her lunches. Perfect fit! Great for granddaughters snacks too. Built very well.

Exceptional Products

I ordered the 3 piece set and will be ordering another one for myself. The first one was for a gift. I like several other items and will be ordering them also. Great reliable product.

It’s No SubSafe !!!!

It’s my beef jerky locker and love it . Thank you

Perfect gift

I ordered these as gifts for my boys and their wives. They loved them! Especially for my son who works outdoors. Perfect inn the cooler.

It was ok seems very flimsy prob won’t buy again.

Great Boating Accessory

Works great. I own 5 of them. They work as advertised.

Beef jerky

Don’t use these for anything other than beef jerky.!! Spend a ton of money only to find my jerky water logged. With SubSafe it stays dry and ready to eat for days!!! Love it!!!!

For a smaller sub

I bought this lid, the drinking cup lid and the snack safe to go with my Subsafe x’s 2, one for me the other for my daughter and I’m back to buy it all over again so my husband has one, too. I like this lid because I can fit a smaller sub in half of the Subsafe put this securely fitting lid on then take the other half of my Subsafe put the drinking lid on, fill my SnackSafe with potato salad or chip or candy and I have a picnic. People are always curious when they see me using my Subsafe and I love showing it off. It’s all easy to use, super easy to store, easy to clean. The lids fit tight so nothing spills, leaks, or opens and it’s easy to carry with me to work, the pool, or on a hike or bike ride. I can’t see wait to see what the folks at Subsafe come up with next. (Pictured is the Subsafe with drinking lid. Stickers/straw not included) (Two out of two ck alligators agree. Subsafes keep tasty snacks!)

Very clever

Love this drinking top that instantly turns half of the SubSafe into a drinking cup with lid. Very clever idea. I take mine everywhere as it holds a lot of ice and a lot of beverage. Easy to clean and easy to store.


Ordered the Limited Edition SubSafe with the flag. Advertised as waterproof...the ones I received are not. Ordered specifically because we travel to auto races and shows and pack our own food in coolers. Ice melts on hot days, wanted dry sandwiches...they were soggy and water logged, even wrapped in saran wrap. Had to throw the food away.

Love it.

We are huge sub consumers so the 3 I got are very well used.....good quaility so you won’t be disappointed.

Mr Andrew cano

Very good I love the sun always keeps my subs are belongings dry! Never had it fail! I recommend it to all my friends!


I love the little snacksafe! I go kayaking and camping a lot, so these are indispensable! I can tote along so many things and not have to worry about them getting wet. I've used them and the subsafe for a couple years now, but had to go get more for camping. Love everything from them!

Snack Safe

As with all the SubSafe products I have, this little wonder held my snacks for work without leaks and kept everything fresh. Might have to order more for holiday gifts for my coworkers.

Bad 👎Product

Not good at all, water got all in it and ruined my sandwich. Would not recommend this product to anyone. I need my money back.


This company continues to get better and better! I am thrilled to have these products and be able to encourage others into these products as well!


Have them in every color. Use them daily. We love them!!